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 Updated on 9 June 2023

9 June 2023 update

One of the most memorable experiences since my last update was participating in the UN’s 13th Open Ended Work Group on Ageing (OEWG) during the first week of April. I was part of a small team representing  Pass It On Network, an organization dedicated to connecting positive-ageing advocates around the world. We joined dozens of other human rights and civil society groups in advocating for the creation of a universal declaration to promote and protect the human rights and dignity of older persons. My main takeaway was that the only way to keep issues on the front burner is to be consistently very vocal and visible with the elected officials and policy setters at all levels of government.

5 October 2022 update

Lots has happened since June 2020. These two years were a blur, and much gained. After my early impromptu and invigorating experience with Laughter Wellness, I went all-in with the intensive pro-training and mentorship by the amazing Sebastian Gendry. This series of four Laugh & Learn sessions, for example, is about leveraging the power of laughter in facilitating difficult conversations. I find that the blend of retirement transitions coaching, gerontology, and laughter wellness, is a delightful cocktail to serve myself and others.

I learned to find a balance between service and advocacy under the aging umbrella. On the advocacy side I am an active contributor to the Pass It On Network, and the North America Collaborative, both are leaders in busting negative age related stereotypes.

And finally, adding a new perspective to my mind-body connection was learning the American Cane Self Defense (ACSD) system (albeit at the beginner’s level). It’s a fun brain training and vitality boosting activity.

And this is what I find meaningful now while I continue on my life course.


7 June 2020 update:

It’s June already! Seattle is slowly opening up its economy. The recent protests against police brutality against African-Americans and Injustice toward minorities in general have had a jarring effect.

Over the past 10 weeks I aimed to increase positive energy reservoirs by offering free weekly Laughter Wellness sessions. I discovered laughter as a renewable resource within me and the other participants kept returning for more as well. Changing the world one laughter at the time.


21 March  2020 update

/now interrupted!

Until a couple of weeks ago living in Seattle was a source of mere curiosity for coexisting with COVID-19. Now everyone in the world is getting more creatively resourceful.

My spouse and I are well. Being at a higher risk group we are exercising our daily life with great care. Thanks to virtual technology I manage to continue to give and receive support, practicing physical distancing and social connection.

As a retirement coach my work was already on-line. Yet I am now experiencing mind shift. With VUCA world at full play there are moment-to-moment shifting levels of urgency, depending on where you are at. I continue to explore and gain new insights and skills.


27 January 2020 update:

I’ve recently completed a yearlong certificate in gerontology at University of Washington and it has profoundly changed my relationship to aging, mine and others. (Sadly I also got to apply my learning in real time during a recent family crisis.)

I continue to help people in their transition to retirement through individual coaching and group workshops.  My advocacy hot spot is Advanced Care Planning. I facilitate workshops on it and those who unwittingly ask me about the subject usually get to feel the heat.

Since August 2019 I have been learning WordPress for non-coders at No Stress WordPress and trying to get this site built the way I imagined it. It is really challenging and enjoyable all at once.

So little time and so much to learn and experience.


(A deep bow to Derek Sivers who started the /NOW/ movement.)

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