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 Updated on 7 June 2020

7 June 2020 update:

It’s June already! Seattle is slowly opening up its economy. The recent protests against police brutality against African-Americans and Injustice toward minorities in general have had a jarring effect.

Over the past 10 weeks I aimed to increase positive energy reservoirs by offering free weekly Laughter Wellness sessions. I discovered laughter as a renewable resource within me and the other participants kept returning for more as well. Changing the world one laughter at the time.


21 March  2020 update

/now interrupted!

Until a couple of weeks ago living in Seattle was a source of mere curiosity for coexisting with COVID-19. Now everyone in the world is getting more creatively resourceful.

My spouse and I are well. Being at a higher risk group we are exercising our daily life with great care. Thanks to virtual technology I manage to continue to give and receive support, practicing physical distancing and social connection.

As a retirement coach my work was already on-line. Yet I am now experiencing mind shift. With VUCA world at full play there are moment-to-moment shifting levels of urgency, depending on where you are at. I continue to explore and gain new insights and skills.


27 January 2020 update:

I’ve recently completed a yearlong certificate in gerontology at University of Washington and it has profoundly changed my relationship to aging, mine and others. (Sadly I also got to apply my learning in real time during a recent family crisis.)

I continue to help people in their transition to retirement through individual coaching and group workshops.  My advocacy hot spot is Advanced Care Planning. I facilitate workshops on it and those who unwittingly ask me about the subject usually get to feel the heat.

Since August 2019 I have been learning WordPress for non-coders at No Stress WordPress and trying to get this site built the way I imagined it. It is really challenging and enjoyable all at once.

So little time and so much to learn and experience.


(A deep bow to Derek Sivers who started the /NOW/ movement.)

Through my work and interest in life beyond midlife, I come across meaningful stories on what impacts this chapter of your personal journey.

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